cosmos institute

an integral part


the galactic nation

we are starting
 from the cosmic reality observed

from an eternal empty and dark space

having then its qualities
from the matter created there in
without creating any additional energy
from part negative and part positive energy

toward this new universe

being ever more advanced
toward the ultimate environment
for the vision of its creation
toward fulfillment

there while

the physical part of this being done
by all those trillion homo sapiens
populating any such universe

in their very own humanity

fulfilling themself through themself
there while fulfilling their humanity
and the vision of his creator

the non biological

eternal entity

the galactic university

our cosmic community

the argumentocracy

this planetary reality

only mattering so far

until the human recognizing >

that from this world population
just a danger to the cosmos
can be coming from

so we can only try
these help the cosmic reality
learn to understand

because it is like in the deepest middle ages
this being conceited addiction > this vanity
that one is the best

so the last dirt of the universe
so this planet dirt

where everyone proclaiming science
a description of reality condemned as a heretic
and get ready > so this would be possible
but these are all just bunglers
like a pope

with his general dangerous
heaven and earth fata morgana fairy tale

" So you are going to heaven

should you believe in destroying the earth "

so pure satanic
so just the opposite of the vision
of creation and this being what it will be all about now
and if they all fail to do so

then the galactic pest control will have to come

and now

as a reference
the reality on planet dirt

only the death

of all real values

so the end of all worlds
and every intelligent life

be the goal of these deranged lunatics
zombies of the satanic principle

so the envy of all real values
to not have to feel their envy
and preserve all their vanity
they would be the rulers
in this universe

therefore their madness in perfection
so such a stupidocracy as a decision making
and this aversion to any real argument

only the probaganda for their delusion 24 hours
only work out the maximum on damage
and not reality every day

so work out the value of this perfect universe
and then use this for their own fulfillment
so like on million x million worlds
with a trillion real homo sapiens
happening in this universe

our cosmic community

an open letter to the MIT

your institute
was starting of with

" world one "

in 1973 to proof that we are having
all those x thousand millions
committing suicide

and now our question ?
why in heavens have you not ?

done more on this since
then ???

I will tell you why >>>
since you are not allowed to !
doing any science on
this anti sapiens

and his system of destructing himself


> this capital crime
being not for the fulfillment of humanity
but for its very own destruction

> those secular states
knowing nothing about the design
of this universe !

> this stupidocracy
asking the majority of stupids
what kind of stupidity they want to force

onto any world > any galaxy > any universe !


all of this designed
to ending all of this cosmos

so there is no need
for you to answer !

since you do not know !

what you are doing ?
why you are here for ?

but we know
that there will be not only
those millions left

at this lowly state of existence
but all those millitary organisations
as in the rocky mountains > ural etc
and these will be trying to populate
first the moon if not already done
and then the mars if not ...

and then they will be trying
to find some extra solar planet
to flying to

and this is when
we will be at the very last
be having to stop them

since we can not tolerate
all this uncivilisation
all this arrogance
all this vanity

of all this destruction
of our universe and beyond
the only way to stop this non sense
would be for you to start doing your job
and extenting the work you started
in 1973

toward the end of time
toward what will happen to this galaxy ???
what to this our universe ???
what to this cosmos

sapiens global

the nation

and the nations

so created here on this world

are not in the meaning of the cosmos
so in the meaning of a humanity
so in the meaning of

a meaning

but the competing non sense
since everything is based on competing power
on competing of all this de humanization
out of competing unreality
for competing


where there is no public truth
can not having any arguments
there fore there being

no rightiousness
no real human rights
no argumentocracy

since everything only
being for competing


they can
there fore not fulfilling themselfs
in the meaning of this creation
but only the fulfillment
as a competing pest

in principle
only creation being destroyed
hence the creation

having to keep this plague from
to destruction of creation

in this cosmos

the galactic foundation

just frustration

about their own failure
since these all earthly
have achieved nothing
just lost everything

so a tipping climate
so all these wars

all these anti qualities
vanities > imaginations
insanity > domination

all these beasts of prey
under nature and human harm
no happy pasture animals

no fulfillment because these all
yes just fight the fulfillment
to preventing everyones

since they can achieve this
achieve nothing only that everyone else
also achieve nothing but damage

so this one
so their fiasco
so just jealousy

where we have the trillion homo sapiens
in the whole universe only fulfillment
having in our cosmos paradise

without a single problem
without a single damage

everything created for eternity

predator guarded instinctual perpetrators
and their trained drove slaves
are the problem of this world

where there being a driven offender with the other
compete to keep their impulse slaves

to brag about their delusion about the great
guarantee for some time

until the climate changes for the worse
the resources being gone

all the world contaminated and with plastic
loaded with heavy metals

and no higher life
or this driven perpetrators more
can only exist

but we need exactly the opposite
for meeting all real homo sapiens
so an order full of wisdom

where no problem being ignored >
no solution ever ignored

where everyone exists responsibly
and every creation for a million years
receive and use and thus the creation
fulfill this universe with his vision

of the millions x millions of worlds everywhere
and the trillion guardians of all fulfilment
so we only need one freedom

so the freedom
to point to each solution
and prevent any problem


should on any world

every means of destruction being cherished


predatory animals
militäry might > police power
idiotic transportation and climatisation

there while any higher value being destructed


the principle of finishing off galileo
human argumentation not even heared
let alone being openly published
being cherished by all
as neccessary

then we can not be having any humanity
will never be having any humanity


the only way to be saving this cosmos from this destruction
will be to destructing this destruction

by activation

of the galactic pest control

das kosmos institute

published by

galactic central information